About Us

 Committing to our health and fitness has helped us get through a ton of tough times and big obstacles in life. While we love the physical benefits of staying active, we also really appreciate the countless mental benefits too. Overall health and happiness is super important to us, and that goes way beyond physicality. We believe that every body is equally as important, and we want our brand to represent that. The only thing in life you can’t get back is your health – so we want to help people work towards looking and feeling their best, to be happy, healthy, and thriving.

Our Goal

Our mantra is PERSEVERENCE UNLEASHED. Perseverance is defined as: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. We want to share our love of fitness and our love of quality active wear with you. We want to see you taking charge and working your hardest – whatever that means for you. Push yourself to stay strong, stay positive, and keep crushing your goals. We want to help you push through tough times and get back to a positive place. Big changes start with small steps, and we are all about both! Everyone faces obstacles and challenges – it’s how you rise to face them that really counts. So rise up, dress up, and show up – for yourself. For your mental health. For your physical health. And most importantly, for your overall happiness.